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Oblong Christian Children’s Home

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Dave & Kris McCarter
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“We have had a very busy summer. We think it is good for young people to try different experiences that encourage spiritual growth during their summer break. In June, we and our high school girls attended Christ in Youth at Milligan College with the Senior High Youth Group of Highland Church of Christ. In addition to seeing our Movement’s only liberal arts college, the young people experienced challenging preaching, fantastic Christian music, and times for personal and group Bible Study and devotion. After CIY, we took a white water rafting trip and toured Gatlinburg, TN.

Two weeks later, we were in Indianapolis for the North American Christian Convention. The whole campus of the Oblong Children’s Christian Home went to the Convention as our annual unity trip. There were so many good things, it would be hard to describe them all. The session that had the most impact on our kids was entitled “True Lies.” It explained to them the spiritual and moral traps that much of today’s secular music lays for them personally and for our society as a whole.

The third week of July we were missionaries and faculty for a junior high week at Camp Illiana in Washington, IN. Our son, Nathan, was the co-dean for that week of camp. It was a week full of praises! Samantha and Harlie both expressed an interest in being baptized. We decided that they needed to learn a bit more. I am currently teaching them concerning the process of conversion and the life of faith in Jesus to follow.

The very next week, Natasha attended “The Institute,” a youth leadership training program hosted by First Christian Church of Marshall, IL, and Sarah attended the Colorado session of World View Eyes, hosted by Lincoln Christian College. The purpose of World View Eyes is to enable young people effectively deal with the myriad of cultural voices in our world from an informed Christian perspective. Sarah was a bit younger than most participants, but the folks at Lincoln thought her application demostrated that she was mature enough to attend. They were so impressed with her, they asked that she be allowed to attend this week’s session in Lincoln. She is there with Natasha and with another friend of theirs from the Highland Church of Christ. Both the Institute and World View Eyes are selective programs, limited to young people that show a certain level of seriousness about their faith. We are happy that we have young people able to participate in these programs.

Please pray for our home as the school year starts. Pray that our girls may be able to take the lessons learned this summer and apply them as they return to school. Pray especially for Janell and Sarah as they transfer from a Christian junior high school to a secular high school (there are no Christian high schools in our area). Also, pray for the Home as it undertakes building another unit starting the spring of 2004. Both homes are full and there is a waiting list of both young men and young women needing a Christian group home. We are looking for volunteers to help with the construction of this new home starting in the spring. We would love it if a group from DCCC could come!”

Running the Race,
II Timothy 4:7
Kris McCarter

Chris & Amy Martin
4094 E. 1050th Avenue
Oblong, IL 62449
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The Martins serve as substitute houseparents at the Oblong group of homes, allowing others to take a break. Those of you who have a few kids might empathize with taking a break from watching over 8-10 kids! Chris also supervises maintenance on all of the homes.