Weekly Messages

Weekly podcasts of the messages from Sunday services at Living Creek Christian Church are available here. The teaching philosophy at Living Creek is Bible based and relevant to everyday challenges and opportunities that are common to all of us.

You may download these individually, or to stream directly from the internet, click on the title of a message and then press play.

A New King

A New Heart

A New Future

It’s Your Move

The Greatest Purpose

The Greatest Love

The Greatest Power

Holes In the Bucket

Who Are You?

God Provides Open Spaces

God Provides a Blessing

God Provides a Future

God Provides Success

God Provides Laughter

Love in Sharing

Love by Giving

Love by Serving

Love in Community

I Love My Church

Three Kinds of People

When Persecuted

Standing for Peace

Focused Attention

Showing Mercy

Spiritual Hunger

Comfort from Grief

Wealth without Trying

Spiritual Poverty

Why? Making Sense of Life’s Struggles

Don’t Look Back

Personal Concern

Right Where God Wants You

The Productive Soil

The Thorny Soil

The Rocky Soil

The Hard Soil

What Now?

To Be Greater- Rise Up

To Be Greater – Sacrifice

To Be Greater – Submit

To Be Greater – Serve

Live as You Speak

Do What God Says

Be Less

Day of Prayer

Can I Know God Personally?

Is the Bible Reliable?

Is Christianity too Narrow?

Why does God allow pain and suffering?

Is There a God?

Does Life have a Purpose?

Why Does the Church Exist?

The Truth About the Christmas Story

How to seek God in 2019

The Truth about Suffering

The Truth about Authority

The Truth about the Human Conditions

Open Our Eyes

One Thing To Do

More than Imagined

Dig The Ditches

Seeing Double

Burn The Plow

Living Beyond our Regret

Who Do You Say I Am?

Amazing Power

Amazing Request

Amazing Respect

Amazing Courage

Q & A Sunday: If you could ask God one question what would it be?

Are You Ready to Serve?

Are You Ready to Invest?

Are You Ready to Wait?

What is God looking for? Honest Worshipers

What is God looking for? Lost People

What is God Looking For? Hard Workers

What is God Looking For? Someone to Stand Up

Committed Hearts

Being Honest

Finishing Well

Living with Purpose

A Person of Influence

Prayer Service

It Starts at Home – Role Models

It Starts at Home – Consistancy

Faith Starts at Home –

The Same Power to Celebrate

The Same Power to Save

The Same Power to Share

The Same Power to Receive

Listening for His voice

I Ran out of that Grave