Uncluttered, Making Room For God

How would you describe the season of Christmas?
People often respond that their December is: hectic, busy, stressful, expensive, or you could say “Cluttered.” Cluttered with our calendars, cluttered bills, cluttered closets, and even a cluttered mind.
   There is a simple visual example offering us a solution for our problem. A teacher asked his students how to fit some big rocks, medium rocks, and sand into a large jar. All of it would fit perfectly, but only if they followed a certain order. After a few attempts, the only way the students could get all of them in the jar was to put the big rocks in first, then the medium rocks, and then the sand last. Reverse the order, and there will not be enough room.
   Christmas should be about us putting God first! Are we making room for Him first in our lives. If everything else, (the medium rocks and sand of our lives), is above God in our priorities, there will not be enough room for Him. This Christmas at Living Creek we will be discussing the theme “Uncluttered – making room for God” from the texts of the Christmas story. God helped people to make room in their dreams and plans for His Son.
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